Pregnancy Update: Week 5-11

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I thought I'd go ahead and give everyone a little update on how Baby Harrison has been doing the last few weeks!
  • How Far Along - 11 weeks and 5 day! Baby Harrison is about 5 cm or the size of a brussel sprout, HOW CUTE.
  • Symptoms – From week 4-week 11, I suffered from severe nausea and actually lost weight. At 10 weeks and 5 days, my doctor let me stop my progesterone shots and since then I have felt wonderful (except for a small Mother's Day car puking incident!) Besides nausea, I have been very tired. 
  • Physical Changes – I think my boobs have grown like a million sizes over the past few weeks.
  • Weight Gain – None yet, I actually lost 16 lbs!
  • Mood – I am so excited for all things to come but I can still cry at the drop of a hat.
  • Sleep – I’m sleeping super well…the problem is getting to sleep!
  • Food Cravings – As of right now, none. I just like eating plain foods: mac and cheese, plain pasta with butter, cheese and crackers, and bagels with cream cheese. Maybe there is a cheese theme...
  • Food Aversions – I can't stand the smell or sight of bacon, it is sad - I know!
  • Missing – Nothing really.
  • Maternity Clothes - I have been wearing maternity yoga pants for a few weeks now, otherwise everything else still fits. I do get a belly ache when I wear jeans for too long.
  • Looking Forward To – Finding out the gender in a few weeks.
  • This Week's Happenings – We had our last ultrasound with our fertility clinic this week, which was exciting and sad. We had an ultrasound 7 weeks in a row so it will be very weird to not have one for a few weeks. The baby is growing and moving around perfectly! We are so grateful to everyone at Reproductive Associates of Delaware that helped make our dream of being parents come true! I will miss seeing everyone every week. We also picked out nursery furniture this week, I wanted the furniture to be gender neutral so we decided now. 
11 week 5 day ultrasound

Lots of love,
The Harrison Family 

We had a 50% chance... (written March 29th).

Thursday, April 27, 2017

As I write this, I am three days past transfer. I have noticed a few symptoms that I thought it would be important to jot down. Since my transfer, I have had two nose bleeds - which is out of the ordinary for me. I also have been running extraordinarily hot. There is snow on the ground and I am using the air conditioning. I’ve been nauseous and tired since starting the progesterone shots, but I have noticed an increase in sleepiness and nauseous since the transfer. Early pregnant symptoms are there so…

On Friday, March 24th I came home from a very early work meeting around 9 am and randomly decided to take a home pregnancy test. I was only 8 days past my transfer so I didn’t have high hopes but then two pink lines appeared. I honestly freaked out and had no idea what to do so I ran to my mom’s house. We spent the whole weekend over the moon while we waited for my first beta blood test on Monday. On Monday the 27th, we had our first blood pregnant test and it came back POSITIVE! My HCG level was 331 which is great! My progesterone level was a 12, which is good but not great so they increased my dose from 1 ml to 1.5 ml. Beginning Tuesday morning, I started feeling some twinges in my lower abdomen. They came and went all day long causing me to worry, but the nurse assured me that twinges and some cramping were completely normal. On Wednesday the 29th, I went in for my 2nd beta and my HCG level was 1010! For those of you that don’t know, HCG levels should double every 48-72 hours the first few weeks of pregnancy. 

To say that we are over the moon would be downplaying our excitement! Micah and I are so excited to welcome baby Harrison in December 2017.

XO, Emily and Baby Harrison

Pregnant until proven otherwise (written March 16th).

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Well just like that I am pregnant until proven otherwise! On March 16th, we transferred one beautiful embryo into my uterus and now we wait to see if it will stick. I’ll start the recap about one week earlier…

On March 9th I went in to have my lining check to make sure it was thick enough for my embryo transfer. A few weeks earlier I had begun taking estrogen in order to thicken my uterine lining. Let me tell you a little bit about taking estrogen - it makes you feel like you are losing every bit of sense you have. I was crying at the drop of a hat and gaining weight like nobody’s business. My IVF motto was simply: it will all be worth it. I also injected lupron every evening in order to shut down my ovaries, we did not need those having a mind of their own! My lining looked great and my estrogen levels remained stable, we were scheduled for our embryo transfer on March 16th.

The Saturday before my transfer my doctor added three more medications to my protocol. I began taking an antibiotic twice a day to reduce chances of infection. I began taking a steroid once a day to decrease the chances of my body rejecting the embryo. I also began injecting progesterone once a day into the upper outer part of my butt check. The first night I did the progesterone shot was brutal…well the build up was brutal. As soon as I realized my wonderful dear husband would be putting a large needle into my butt cheek, I freaked out. Eventually he did the shot and I didn't even feel it! Remember: it will all be worth it!

March 16th came pretty quickly and needless to say I did not sleep the night before. Micah unfortunately had a class that he could not miss so my mom was going to go with me. Before we left and Micah had class, Micah and I took our first trip to Babies R Us. We decided to buy a little gift for our future baby. We picked out the cutest pack of onesies and had fun looking at all the cute outfits with animals on the bums!

As soon as we got in the car, my mom pulled out a gift that my thoughtful husband had given her to give to me. He wrote me a letter signed “future baby daddy” and a beautiful guardian necklace. Micah has been my rock through this whole process and I can't imagine my children having a better father.

I should preface the rest of the story with before an embryo transfer you have to drink 32 ounces of water within an hour so your bladder is very full. They took us back to the room and checked my bladder to make sure it was full, which it was. She actually let me go pee - just a little bit. They checked my name about 20 times, which I appreciated, and then it was time to transfer the embryo. The procedure is quick and painless. My doctor told us everything went perfect! Afterwards I laid there for 40 minutes, trying not to pee, while my mother kept making me laugh. Its the little things like laughing with my mom about trying not to pee my pants that I want to remember.

As I write this, I am sitting on couch rest and enjoying the two week wait. For these next 13 days, I am pregnant until proven otherwise and enjoying every second!

Say hello to our beautiful 5 day blastocyst!

XO, Emily

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