7 Weeks Left!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

  • How Far Along - 33 weeks and 1 day! Only 48 more days of not sharing my little boy.
  • Symptoms – I have been short of breath due to little feet pushing on my ribs and lungs. I have been tired pretty much all the time, but when I lay down to nap I can't seem to fall asleep so I have been pushing through the days. Otherwise I am feeling great!
  • Physical Changes – Some days I feel like my bump is huge and other days I don't. I have finally put on a few pounds which I can see in my face. My feet and hands also get slightly swollen by the end of the day.
  • Weight Gain - I am up three whole pounds!
  • Mood – My mood has been wonderful. I am just so excited and ready to meet this precious little boy!
  • Sleep – Besides getting up to use the bathroom a few times every night, I have been sleeping well.
  • Food Cravings – I still want cheeseburgers and chocolate with caramel. I have also been on a huge Joe Joes kick (Trader Joes' Oreos). 
  • Food Aversions – I am still not a fan of onions or fish.
  • Missing – Being able to pick things up off the floor. I'm sure Micah misses this too. If I drop my keys or the mail on the floor, I tend to just leave it there till I find the energy to bend over and pick it up!
  • Looking Forward To - Prepping for the holidays and having baby boy here!
  • The Past 5 Weeks' Happenings – We finally have everything we need to bring David home and his nursery is one step away from being finished. I am just waiting on one thing and then I will share the precious space we put together for him! Micah and I have been spending our weekends doing things with family and friends that will be more difficult with a newborn - like the movies, enjoying nice dinners, and concerts. 

-Momma Harrison

5 Tips for Cruising with a Bump!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

At 23 weeks pregnant, my entire family, husband, and I went on a Carnival Cruise. Our cruise left Jacksonville, Florida and made two stops: Half Moon Cay and Nassau, Bahamas (we didn't actually stop in Half Moon Cay because of choppy waters). Carnival Cruises will only allow women who are pregnant to cruise before 24 weeks, luckily I flipped to 24 weeks the day we returned to Jacksonville. The cruise ship we were on was the Carnival Elation and this was our first cruise! Here are my tips:

1. Listen to your body. I think I took at least a 2 hour nap every day we were on the cruise. We did a lot of walking (almost 4 miles a day) and spent quite a bit of time in the sun so resting was much needed. I also found myself not sleeping very well due to the movement of the boat so it was imperative that I got a nap.

2. Stay Hydrated! I highly recommend taking your own reusable water bottle with you on the cruise. I did not, even though it was on my list, and ended up buying one from Carnival. The water bottle was totally worth the money because it beat going back to the buffet for a glass of water every 20 minutes.

3. Be Prepared for Smoke. Maybe this is common knowledge, but cruises allow smoking in their casinos and certain bars- such a bummer! The way our cruise was laid out, you had to walk through the casino and smoking bar in order to get to the comedy club as well as the dance club. I unfortunately had to miss out on most of the karaoke bar and dance club time because of the heavy smoking. If we cruise again, I will definitely do my research on the smoking areas. I'd prefer a non-smoking cruise but I'm not sure if that is even an option.

4. Order 2 Desserts! One of our favorite things about the cruise was the dinners every night. We loved sitting down as a family and enjoying a delicious meal. One of the best things about Carnival cruises is that you can order as many options from the menu as you would like. I took advantage of this and probably ate 2 desserts every night. Treat Yourself!

5. Take Advantage of Alone Time. I made the decision to not get off the cruise ship in the Bahamas. My midwife told me that the chances of catching Zika were low, but I knew I would not be able to participate in most of the excursions. My family chose to do a snorkeling excursion which did not allow women who were pregnant so I decided to take advantage of the alone time. I went to the spa and had a wonderful pedicure, enjoyed an empty buffet, and relaxed on the quiet adults only deck!

Cruising while pregnant is still fun! I recommend only doing so if you are cleared by your midwife or doctor, which Carnival requires. I would also do your research - if it was just going to be my husband and I, I probably would've chosen a cruise that didn't go to "zika areas." But most importantly - have fun!

Hello Third Trimester!

Friday, September 15, 2017

  • How Far Along - 28 weeks and 6 days! Hello third trimester!
  • Symptoms – I have been super tired lately! The weather changing also has me battling a stuffy nose...or it could just be pregnancy, who knows!
  • Physical Changes – My bump is growing and growing!
  • Weight Gain - I have finally started gaining some weight, but am still under my starting pregnancy weight.
  • Mood – My mood has fluctuated over the past few weeks. I have moments where I am super happy and productive, then I have some moments of grouchiness. 
  • Sleep – Sleep is off and on. Some nights I find just the right position and sleep like a baby. Other nights I am tossing and turning all night!
  • Food Cravings – Cheeseburgers and anything chocolate salted caramel. Lucky for me, my iron is low so red meat is great!
  • Food Aversions – I am still not a fan of onions or fish.
  • Missing – Being able to breath like a normal person. I find myself out of breath a lot!
  • Looking Forward To - Finishing up baby's room and getting the last few things we need. Baby shopping is definitely one of my favorite past times.
  • The Past 10 Weeks' Happenings – So much has happened since the last time I posted: we went on a really fun cruise, we had our baby shower, I switched midwife practices, and David started moving like crazy! The cruise was a blast! I will be writing a post shortly about my pregnant cruise experience. Our baby shower was a dream come true. We cannot thank our family and friends, especially my mom and sisters, enough for showering baby David with so much love. This little man has no idea how loved he is already. We also switched midwife practices last week. Our original midwife practice had significant staffing changes and we felt they did not handle it well so we decided to switch. We will be delivering at a hospital closer to home now, like 5 minutes, so I'd say it has worked out for the best!

Only 11 weeks to go!
-Momma Harrison

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