Venue: CHECK.

Monday, January 27, 2014

I am so happy to say we can check a venue off our to-do list!

Micah and I were set on a summer camp venue for our wedding from before we were even engaged. We love the casual and rustic environment. We love the outdoors. And a summer camp holds a special place in Micah's heart because he grow up attending various camps. So this past weekend the two of us along with my parents trekked through the snow and discovered the most perfect venue we could ask for! Thanks Mom & Dad!

We will be getting married at Camp Hidden Valley. The venue is beautiful. There is an awesome lodge for our reception, fireplace and picnic tables included. There is a picturesque outdoor amphitheater that could not be anymore perfect for our ceremony. And my favorite part: plenty of cabins for our guests to stay overnight.

I am so excited to begin putting together some design elements for my reception. The lodge is a great space and has these beautiful wagon wheel chandeliers. There will be plenty of twine, burlap, lace, and mason jars in my future!

An Excited Bride

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  1. I know this camp!! They're so awesome there!

    Congrats on the venue!!


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