10 Favorite Things... I love about Baltimore!

Monday, March 3, 2014

I am so excited about this link up.Thanks Brianna! I love my city and it took me awhile to narrow down my list to only 10 things. So here's 10 things I love about Baltimore...

One. The food is marvelous. It should be no surprise to my friends & family that I love food and restaurants and the whole nine yards of eating. Baltimore is full of great places to eat: sushi, barbecue, mexican, happy hours, and my favorite: burgers!

Two. Snow days are the best. We might not get snow days every year or very often. I don't even like snow or the cold, but I do love having nothing to do on account of the weather.

Three. Maryland has a great location within the country. I can be at a half-way decent beach in 3 hours, NYC in 3 hours, and deep into the mountains in 3 hours.

Four. Steamed crabs in the summer are a signature Maryland food! I love gathering with family and friends, drinking a few beers, eating some crabs, and enjoying the summer weather.

Five. Baltimore is home to the National Aquarium, which is also the best aquarium. They periodically do a discounted Friday night event that the fiance and I love attending!

Six. I love that you can spend the day in the country or mountains and then be in Baltimore city within 15 minutes. It has the best of both worlds.

Seven. Baltimore has duckpin bowling. For those of you unfamiliar, duckpin bowling uses smaller, hand-sized bowling balls and the pins are smaller. Most alleys are BYOB and a great way to spend a Tuesday night!

Eight. John Hopkins Hospital is also located in Baltimore, MD. John Hopkins is rated #4 among US hospitals for cancer treatment. It's amazing and holds a special place in my heart!

Nine. It's also pretty cool that the Star Spangled Banner was written here. (Thanks Micah!)

Ten. If you've ever seen the movie Hairspray, you know what Hon is. You can thank Baltimore for that!



  1. Baltimore sounds like a great place! My husband would LOVE to visit during the summer crab season!

    1. You guys definitely should! Crab feast are so much fun :)

  2. Maryland is such a pretty state! I'd love to try some of those crab legs! Yum!

    1. In MD we eat the crab legs AND the rest of the crab, it is definitely weird if you've never done it before!

  3. I am definitely missing those snow days this winter! I've been trudging along here in NY. And mmm Maryland crabs rock my world :-)




    1. Snow days are the only thing getting me through this semester!


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