Advocare 24-Day Challenge: Day One

Friday, March 21, 2014

Today I began the Advocare 24-day challenge. According to the Advocare website, "the 24-Day Challenge is a weight loss PROGRAM that is producing amazing results.  Users like you have been, on average, losing 9 inches and 12 lbs in just 24 DAYS. Energize your mind and body, feed your muscles and starve your fat as you lose inches, improve health and melt away body fat in a way that will fit into your busy life and be realistic for any hectic schedule. This jump start program will teach your body to continue losing body fat and increasing lean muscle."

My Grand-Big in my sorority is an Advocare distributor (and now my coach!) and finally convinced me to take the leap. I have been eating healthy and working out, but in a weird plateau. I felt like nothing was happening, sometimes I even felt like I was gaining weight. After doing a ton of research, I felt Advocare was the right step I needed.

The key to success with Advocare is preparation. I received my package on Thursday and began on Friday. I used Wednesday to prep some meals and prepare all my products.

The first 10 days of the 24-day challenge are called the "Cleanse Phase." These 10 days are all about cleaning out the bad and preparing your body for the good. You also focus on clean eating these ten days. My coach had sent me a hugely helpful guide and two cookbooks, so I sat down and planned out the next 5 days of meals. I also bought a small journal so I could keep track of all my supplements, food, and workouts. 

I've decided to prepare my meals 5 days at a time. Here is my day 1-5 grocery list:

I am only on day 1. However, every 5 days I will share how many inches/pounds I have lost, one of my favorite recipes, and overall tips!

Have any of you tried or wanted to try Advocare?


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