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Monday, March 24, 2014

It is perfectly okay that I avoid writing papers by searching for fun link-ups to post. Don't judge.
Today's link-up is old and comes from Two Thirds Hazel!
Here it goes:

Vacationing in Florida or vacationing in NYC: Florida. Florida. Florida. I miss the white sand beaches and clear gulf water. 
iPhone or Droid: iPhone without a doubt. I can't live without mine.
NSYNC or Backstreet Boys: If you had asked me this about 10 years ago, I would have said NSYNC. However, I attended a Backstreet Boys concert last December and fell in love.
Being forced to delete Facebook or being forced to delete Twitter: Probably twitter. Facebook is where I stay connected with family & friends. 
Fireball or Miller Lite: Can I say neither?! I don't drink either. Both are gross.
Full House or Family Matters: It is so okay that I still watch Full House. 
Dumbledore or Gandalf: I guess Dumbledore because I really dislike Harry Potter. I just don't get it.
Dying Easter eggs or Carving pumpkins: I love dying Easter eggs. Halloween has never been my thing.
A hangover forever or sobriety forever: Probably sobriety. I'm a grandma as is. I'm sure my friends would love having a permanent DD.
January or July: I love July. I normally am working at camp and the sunshine is out. Happiness all around!
Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus:  Miley Cyrus is just too cool. She's confident and outrageous.
Shark Week or Fashion Week: I love Shark Week. 
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Saved by the Bell: I've never really watched Saved by the Bell. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air wins hands down.
Britney or Christina: Britney is my childhood idol. Also, I secretly really love watching Crossroads.
Burrito or Burrito Bowl: If this is a Chipotle, no thank you. 
Reading blogs on your phone or reading blogs on your computer: Definitely my computer. iPhone screens are so little!
Angelina or Jennifer: Jennifer Anniston is probably one the sexiest woman alive. I loved her We are the Millers water sexy dance.
Doug Funny or The Rugrats: The Rugrats is just classic.
An open mouth chewer or a heavy breather: Open mouth chewer. I can't stand the sound of heavy breathing.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!
I know mine is great, besides being the day after leg day.


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  1. I answered (in my head) "Both" and "Neither" way too often :)


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