Wedding Wednesday: First Look or Not?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

As recent trend in weddings have been the first look, so I picked Micah's brain about what we think is best for our wedding.
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I would love to have a first look with my groom. I think the pictures are a wonderful memory and always seem to capture the emotions of seeing your bride/groom for the first time. I think this is such an intimate moment that would be best shared with just the two of us.

Micah, however, would rather be able to share that moment with our family and friends. We have both said from the beginning that our wedding is about the joining of two families, and he believes we should share that first look with the.
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So after discussing both sides, we have decided to not do a first look and share that moment with the entire wedding. We both decided it will make the walk down the aisle so much more special. But I am still considering doing a mini first look with my Dad... we'll see.

The Future Mrs. Harrison

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