Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Pictures

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'M BACK! School really took over the last few months. But I am back, and have lots of great ideas for this summer and fall.

First of all, I graduate college and 168 days and get to marry the man of my dreams in 338 days! :)

Second, we had our engagement pictures done this weekend and this post will be dedicated to some tips I learned along the way :) The day started off on the wrong foot: Micah and I attempted to make a burlap banner with our wedding date...and glued it to the floor. Then my dress had shrunk in the dryer and looked like it was made for a toddler. So I ended up wearing my favorite navy blue maxi dress and just tried to stay calm. Here are some lovely tips I created, please take the time to learn from my mistakes.

Ashley Reherman Photography

Here's my 5 tips for engagement photos (or really any photos):

1. Do any crafting beforehand. DO NOT attempt to make a burlap banner sign the day of your pictures and then gorilla glue it to your hardwood floors. It will stress you out. Start (and finish) any crafting a week before.

2. Wear something you love. DO NOT buy a new dress that just kinda works. Buy (or wear one you already one) a dress you love on your body. I ended up wearing a navy maxi dress that I wear at least once a week. I knew I loved the dress and I already knew it photographed well.

3. Get that wild-lookin' dog groomed. Our yorkie, Sophie, had started to resemble a greasy miniature lion. Not a good look. We decided to include her in our pictures, which meant getting her groomed. Probably one of our best decisions yet.

Ashley Reherman Photography

4. Be silly. If you don't feel silly and awkward (sorry for all the kissing Mom & Dad!), you aren't doing it right. Our wonderful photographer, Ashley Reherman, told us the same thing. There will be a lot of awkward staring contests but your pictures will turn out great. Just laugh and go with it!

5. Pick a photographer you love. Our photographer came recommended by my lovely mother. Ashley had done both my brother & sister's senior pictures. We wanted someone who was laid-back and liked to laugh. Make sure you go with someone that clicks with your personality.

Ashley Reherman Photography

We love how our pictures came out and the whole experience has made us 110% more excited for the wedding! Thanks Ashley!

ERay (for one more year!)

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