I hit a wall.

Friday, August 1, 2014

I've had a lot of feelings and thoughts today (as many know this is not always good)! I hit a wall. From March-May I was doing so great. I was working out consistently, eating right, blogging regularly, and really making progress. Then summer came and it went downhill towards the wall really fast.

Let's start with my diet. I refuse to eat anymore bland baked chicken. I refuse to eat anymore asparagus. If being fit and losing weight means eating bland food, I won't do it. I've eaten so many delicious things this summer: burgers, fried oreos, crabs, more burgers, and lots of beer. I do not regret a single bite. I am however stuck in a rut of not losing weight. I need a diet that will allow me to eat delicious foods (in moderation, of course) while still steadily losing weight. Help?! I've thought about getting a coach and all that jazz, but let's all face it - I am a broke college student saving for a wedding so that just isn't going to happen. Any and all advice would be wonderful.

I have spent the past few days trying to come up with healthy lunch options that are quick and easy. This upcoming semester is going to be crazy. Any advice would be so appreciated.

That's my rant for now, I promise I will try to start blogging more often.


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