Wedding Wednesday: Just Workin' On My Fitness!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In case you were wondering, in only 38 days I will become Mrs. Harrison!
I felt it was only appropriate to talk about my wedding fitness, especially with my second dress fitting being this week. I thought I'd share some things I have been doing to lose weight for the wedding:

1. Drinking a gallon of water a day. Yes, that is a lot of water. Yes, I pee almost every hour. But my skin is clearer and drinking this much water helps reduce bloating. I notice a signification difference in my waist line the day after I don't drink my gallon. Make it yummy - add fruit to your water! If you find yourself struggling, by a gallon of water from the grocery store - it helps you visually see how much you need to drink.

Also, here's a two good articles about the benefits of a gallon-a-day: Live Strong and Body Building

2. Cardio and Weight Lifting. Throughout the past year, I have incorporated weight lifting into my fitness routine. I am a full-time employee, am planning a wedding, and try to have a social life, so I know it can be hard to get in the gym. My best advice: keep it short, sweet, and sweaty. I try to keep my heart rate up the entire workout and keep it to 45 minutes. Currently, I am doing weight lifting and cardio 4-5 times a week. Here is my breakdown:
Monday - Active Rest Day (I normally take Sophie for a walk!)
Tuesday - BodyPump class with my sister, Megan
Wednesday - Legs and 15-minutes of HIIT cardio)
Thursday - Upper Body and 20-minutes of cardio
Friday - At-home full body workout
Saturday - Upper Body and 15-minutes of HIIT cardio
Sunday - Rest Day

3. Supplementation and Eating Healthy. Now I will be honest, my diet goes off and on. But for the past few weeks, I have been strictly tracking my macronutrients (check out this great explanation) and keeping my diet as clean as possible. I also take a few different supplements: BCAAS, fat burner, fish oil, and multivitamin. The best way, I have found, to keep your diet on track is planning ahead. I constantly carry Quest Bars in my bag; I prep my protein for the week (generally grilled chicken); and only buy healthy options. If it isn't in your fridge/pantry, it becomes incontinent to eat it!

Silly gym selfies help too!
I hope this is helpful for all the to-be-brides! Check out my Pinterest for healthy (and not-so-healthy) recipes.


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