Pregnancy Update: Week 5-11

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I thought I'd go ahead and give everyone a little update on how Baby Harrison has been doing the last few weeks!
  • How Far Along - 11 weeks and 5 day! Baby Harrison is about 5 cm or the size of a brussel sprout, HOW CUTE.
  • Symptoms – From week 4-week 11, I suffered from severe nausea and actually lost weight. At 10 weeks and 5 days, my doctor let me stop my progesterone shots and since then I have felt wonderful (except for a small Mother's Day car puking incident!) Besides nausea, I have been very tired. 
  • Physical Changes – I think my boobs have grown like a million sizes over the past few weeks.
  • Weight Gain – None yet, I actually lost 16 lbs!
  • Mood – I am so excited for all things to come but I can still cry at the drop of a hat.
  • Sleep – I’m sleeping super well…the problem is getting to sleep!
  • Food Cravings – As of right now, none. I just like eating plain foods: mac and cheese, plain pasta with butter, cheese and crackers, and bagels with cream cheese. Maybe there is a cheese theme...
  • Food Aversions – I can't stand the smell or sight of bacon, it is sad - I know!
  • Missing – Nothing really.
  • Maternity Clothes - I have been wearing maternity yoga pants for a few weeks now, otherwise everything else still fits. I do get a belly ache when I wear jeans for too long.
  • Looking Forward To – Finding out the gender in a few weeks.
  • This Week's Happenings – We had our last ultrasound with our fertility clinic this week, which was exciting and sad. We had an ultrasound 7 weeks in a row so it will be very weird to not have one for a few weeks. The baby is growing and moving around perfectly! We are so grateful to everyone at Reproductive Associates of Delaware that helped make our dream of being parents come true! I will miss seeing everyone every week. We also picked out nursery furniture this week, I wanted the furniture to be gender neutral so we decided now. 
11 week 5 day ultrasound

Lots of love,
The Harrison Family 

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