Baby Harrison Update!

Monday, June 26, 2017

  • How Far Along - 17 weeks and 2 days. Baby Harrison is the size of a pomegranate, about 5 inches long!
  • Symptoms – Unfortunately I have still been getting sick about 2-3 times a week. I also have had severe headaches at night, but nothing some peppermint oil on the forehead can't fix!
  • Physical Changes – Baby Harrison has been growing like crazy and so has my belly. Most days I have the cutest little bump!
  • Weight Gain - My weight loss stopped once I had lost 18 lbs total. I haven't really gained any since so we are still -18 lbs!
  • Mood – I have to say I've been in a pretty good mood but I have noticed I can get annoyed quickly, I'm blaming that on the lack of sleep.
  • Sleep – I. Am. So. Tired. I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.
  • Food Cravings – If you know me, you would know I hate watermelon. But last night all I wanted was a piece of watermelon - weird. Otherwise I just want sweets and fruit!
  • Food Aversions – I'm still not a fan of bacon. I also can't stand the smell of seafood.
  • Missing – Nothing really.
  • Maternity Clothes - I don't know why everyone doesn't wear maternity pants. My wardrobe is limited but I've been wearing a lot of non-maternity dresses.
  • Looking Forward To - Decorating the nursery! We are working on picking out a paint color this week.
  • This Week's Happenings – Fathers Day weekend we had a gender reveal party at my parents and we are so excited to announce that Baby Harrison is a BOY! I knew it would be a boy, but had doubts because everyone in our family always has girls first. We are so excited to add a sweet little boy to the family. Look out for posts regarding his name and details from our gender reveal! I also felt Baby Harrison move for the first time on my birthday! It was the best present I could ever have received. 
Lots of love,
Momma Harrison

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