PinkBlush Maternity Review

Friday, July 14, 2017

When we finally got pregnant, I knew I didn't want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes. I also knew I wanted to find pieces I could wear postpartum. I found a few reviews for PinkBlush Maternity online and I have placed 3 orders over the last few months.

The first two things I purchased were this basic black maxi and hooded knit top. I knew I'd get a ton of wear out of the maxi and I could wear it after baby as well. The black maxi is WAY too long for me so I still need to get it hemmed. I also found the fabric a little thin, but overall a nice dress. The hooded knit top is great. The top is thin so I can wear it on a cooler summer evening and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of the top in the fall and winter.

The second order I placed included this beautiful blue scalloped top. I love that the top can be dressed up with white jeans for work or look casual with shorts. The top is a little longer so I am hoping I can wear it with leggings and a sweater in the fall. I also purchased this beautiful wrap dress. This dress is absolute perfection and the perfect length! I plan on wearing this to a wedding in August and on our cruise. The dress is very flattering on the bump and will be wonderful for nursing once baby is here. If I had enough reasons to dress up, I'd buy this dress in every color!

The third order included some specific pieces for our upcoming cruise next month. The first item, not for the cruise, is one of their delivery robes. Although I love the print, it seems a little small - I even sized up! We will have to see in about 20 weeks how this fits. Second, I bought this dress for the cruise and baby shower coming up. This dress fits perfectly and is so easy to wear. I also purchased their draped nursing top. While I think this will work well for nursing and will work at the moment with the bump, I don't see this fitting for long. I went with my usual size but the top isn't as stretchy under the bust as I would like. Lastly, I grabbed this cute tank off of the sale section. The tank is perfect for on the boat and cruise thrown over a bathing suit. I can pair it with shorts. I also think I can get away with wearing the tank with leggings and a long sweater in the fall! 

To sum up my thoughts on PinkBlush Maternity:
- Everything I purchased is very versatile and I see myself wearing for the next 5 months as well as once baby boy is here.
- The quality of their clothes is hit or miss, some pieces are amazing quality and some are just okay. Luckily, with the amount of sales they run, everything is priced appropriately.

PinkBlush also carries a Maternity Plus line, Women's line, and Women's Plus line! Check them out!


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