Baby Favorites: 0-4 months!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Now that I have been loving on this sweet boy for two months, I feel pretty confident in our newborn must haves. Newborns are trial and error so what works for us might not work for your little one, but I am excited to share what has been working for us!
  • Target's Cloud Island Sleep N' Plays - There are my favorite sleep n'plays because they have a reverse zipper which makes diaper changes so much easier. I find they run a little big. We have them in every print!
  • Carters' Fleece Sleep & Plays - Nine out of ten times we leave the house David is wearing fleece pajamas. Although I thought we'd dress him in all the cute outfits we have, pajamas are so much easier and I know he is warm!
  • H&M Long-sleeved bodysuits - David wears one of these every night to bed under his swaddle. If he needs an outfit change in the middle of the night, they are so easy to change because you don't have to pull them over their head.
  • Love to Dream Swaddle UP - We tried every single swaddle on the market: Ergo Swaddler, SwaddleMe. This has been David's favorite. He likes to have his hands up by his face. My mommy recommendation - find a mom friend that has different swaddles and try before you buy!
  • Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock - This has been a game changer in our Target shopping trips. I use it to hold his car seat and it leaves the cart open!
  • Baby K'tan Original Wrap - I love baby wearing and so does David! I can get dishes and laundry done all while he is in the wrap. When he was brand new, I wore him to all the Christmas events! The wrap kept him happy and lowered the amount of people breathing on him during flu season. I also just bought the Moby Fit Wrap, let me know if you'd like a review.
  • Munchkin Diaper Changing Liners - We use these everywhere! We have one in the downstairs diapering bin, one next to our bed, and one on his changing pad in his room. Another recommendation: put a diapering/feeding station in your main living area and next to your bed if that is where baby will sleep for the first few months.
  • Herschel Supply Co. Dawson X-Small Backpack - I love using this backpack as my diaper bag. The backpack is stylish and even my husband will carry it. I also like that the backpack is smaller in size so I am not carrying around everything but the kitchen sink. I highly recommend looking at backpacks that aren't marketed as "diaper bags" if you are in the market!
  • Copper Pearl Burp Cloths and Little Unicorn Burp Cloths - These are my absolute favorites! The Little Unicorn burp cloth lives in our diaper bag and is perfect for out and about. The Copper Pearl burp cloths are in every room of our house! I have one in the diapering/feeding bins I keep in our living room and bedroom. Both burp cloths are a nice, big size and very absorbent - the cute prints don't hurt either!
  • Munchkin Drying Rack - We didn't buy a drying rack until our counter had been taken over by pump parts and syringes! David has been slow to gain weight so I have been pumping after every feed and then syringe feeding him. This means lots of dishes with lots of little parts. This drying rack is compact and blends right in. 
I look forward to sharing our favorites with you all as David grows! 

Mama Emily

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