IVF is a team sport.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

One year ago today I took a pregnancy test, 8 days after our transfer, I saw my first positive. Infertility is hard. A woman's body is supposed to bear children so when it doesn't do what it should, you are devastated. As devastated as Micah and I were to have such a hard journey, the outcome has been better than we could have ever imagined. Through this journey, we learned about the amazing people that make up our village - and trust me IVF, pregnancy, and raising a baby all take a village. I wrote this post right after we saw that positive.

Thank God for husbands. Husbands take so many hits when dealing with infertility and the IVF process. My husband was my rock. Micah was strong and fearless through the whole thing. I was not. Micah calmed me down when I was angry or upset that we were dealt these unfortunate cards. Micah made sure I stayed hydrated and comfortable and took it easy when needed. Micah dealt with the side effects of the fertility medications, AKA the rollercoaster of emotions. I am blessed to have such an amazing partner in life and my child is blessed with the best father.

Thank God for parents. My mom and dad were unwaveringly supportive from the very beginning. IVF was not only a new experience for Micah and I, but also our families. Both of my parents helped with my daunting progesterone in oils shots when Micah worked late. My mom even took me to our transfer and quite literally watched me get knocked up! My dad was patient and took the time to answer questions when it came to health insurance. My mom made sure I had healthy dinners and stayed hydrated when the exhaustion kicked in. We are so blessed that they live so close and have the ability to be so supportive.

Thanks God for In-Laws. Micah's mom and dad were right up there with my parents on our support team. I made sure they stayed informed with every appointment and every move we made. They listened when we needed to talk things through and gave us advice when needed. More than anything, they stayed focus on how we were doing. IVF is such a baby focused process and it is nice when someone on your team is more concerned with your well-being. I am so thankful that they raised Micah into the man he is today.

Thank God for good friends. I tried to be pretty open about my IVF process with those close to me. I am so blessed that I had the support of anyone who knew. We were so lucky to have so much support and good vibes being sent our way. I am especially grateful for the friends that were willing to give me a large needle in the booty cheek, or at least be there for support! This baby has so many people that love he/she already.

My point is: IVF is a team effort. I honestly have no idea how someone could go through this without a support system. I can never thank everyone enough for helping us bring this precious life into the world. If you are going through infertility, find your village. Find your team. 

XO, Emily

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