Baby Favorites! (2-4 months)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Now that David is 4 months old I think I have a pretty good handle on things that we love. Today I thought I would share some baby items we use over and over. He has started to play with some toys and his jumper so I will share those once we get a little more use out of them.

Bib: Grandma Suzanne, Doughnut Jumper: Purl Lamb
  • Activity Gym/Play Mat - We use our activity gym every day! Ours is this one from Skip Hop and I think it is adorable. I also love this one - and this one. The activity gym is a great place to lay baby down while you quickly grab a cup of coffee or fold laundry. 
  • 4Moms mamaRoo - David hated the swing so a few weeks after he was born we bought this. He loves the bouncing movement. We used our registry completion discount and red card (Thanks for the 5%!) so this didn't break the bank. We probably used this more when he was little but now that he is 4 months I use it every morning while I eat breakfast. One of my favorites things is the mamaRoo isn't a huge mammoth baby thing in my living room. Call me selfish - but I didn't want my living room over run by baby gear. This is the only baby item in the living room (besides the diapering basket). 
  • Fisher Price Sit Me Up Seat - Our little one likes to be sitting up so he loves this seat. I use it on the kitchen counter (completely supervised and in arms reach) while we eat dinner; we take it on the go because it folds nicely; I use it in the bedroom while I get ready. This thing is pretty inexpensive and easy to tote around. This is probably my number one baby must have!
  • Lilliebaby The Complete Airflow Baby Carrier - We use this carrier multiple times every week! I love using it to free up my hands at the grocery store or for walks. Micah also uses this carrier comfortably which is a bonus.
  • Bibs, bibs, and more bibs - No joke, we go through 4-5 bibs every day! My wonderful mother has made some really cute bibs - so if you can, find yourself a grandmother to make some. If that isn't an option, I highly recommend Copper Pearl bibs and these bibs from amazon. Both bibs wash really well and keep the drool from soaking all of David's shirts.

Interested in what I would include on a baby registry or my mommy must haves? Let me know! I would love to share.


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