Registry - 5 Months Later!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I had a few requests for a registry re-do so I decided to post my registry and my thoughts now that we are four months in. When we registered, we chose Target and Amazon because of the perks. Both Target and Amazon let you use your completion discount twice. We did a large Target and Amazon purchase before baby came and another one right after baby arrived. My registry tips are at the bottom. Enjoy!

Strollers & Car Seats:
Brica Baby In-Sight Soft-Touch Auto Mirror - We ended up returning this mirror and buying this one from Amazon that fit my headrest better.
Baby Jogger City Mini Britax Car Seat Adapter - This is what we use to connect our car seat to our stroller. Very easy to use.
Britax B-Safe 35/Elite Extra Base - We returned the extra base because we quickly realized we did not need it. We only drive one car when we are all going anywhere and our car seat can be installed without a base if we really needed to use a different vehicle. I highly recommend purchasing a car seat that can be installed without a base.
Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Car Seat (Vibe) - I wouldn't say we love our car seat, but it does the job. We chose this car seat because it has excellent safety ratings. However the thing is HEAVY and a little narrow. David is quickly getting a little too snug in the seat. If I could go back, I would purchase the Nuna Pipa car seat. The Nuna Pipa is lighter, can be installed without a base, is wider, and has a larger canopy.
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single (Black) - This stroller is great! We have no issues using it on the rougher trail terrain and it navigates crowds well. My only complaint would be the smaller storage basket. I honestly think we are a multiple stroller family. We are planning on investing in the Uppababy Vista once baby #2 is on the way and possibly a nicer jogging stroller.
Stroller Hook - These are a must have due to the small storage basket on our stroller.
Baby Jogger Single Child Tray - We still have not purchased this but plan to once David is sitting in the actual stroller seat more often.
Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Cover - I ended up receiving this as a hand-me-down and never used it. I found putting a warm hat and blanket over David was plenty to keep him warm.
Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat - We have this patiently waiting to be installed!

4moms mamaRoo 4.0 Baby Swing - We bought this when David was about a month old using our registry completion discount. David preferred the bouncing motion over the swing. I enjoyed that this didn't take up a ton of space in the living room.
Boppy Elephants Newborn Lounger - David slept on this for the first month or so. We put it everywhere: the couch, our bed, the floor. The only downside to the lounger is the cover is not removable.
Moby Wrap Classic (Slate) - The Moby wraps are great! The classic wrap was nice, but I prefer the Moby Fit Wrap. The Moby Fit is "pre-wrapped" making it so much easier to get baby in and out quickly. I used the Moby Fit almost daily until David was around 3 months.
Graco Pack 'n Play Playard - This is just a standard pack 'n play. Now that David is bigger I prefer the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Lite that we keep at my mom's house. The Baby Bjorn is lighter and easier to use. We have a few trips this summer and I will take the Baby Bjorn.
Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper - My baby did not like the rock 'n play at all. However most of my friends love their rock 'n play.
Lilliebaby Airflow Carrier - I can't say enough good things about this carrier. I've used it for walks and shopping. David is comfortable in it and will even fall asleep. The Lilliebaby is super supportive too.
Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym/Playmat - This is such a cute playmat. I do wish I could find one that folds easily for storage, but David enjoys laying on this one. I really like that there are interactive parts on the mat now that David spends most of his time on his belly.
Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker - Little man was not a fan of the swinging motion. We did use the rocker part because it was portable so we could put it upstairs. We are saving this swing in case another baby prefers the swing over the mamaroo.

Nursery Furniture:
Sealy Premier Posture Dual Sided Crib Mattress - 204 Coil - This is a pretty standard mattress. The mattress is pretty light making bedding changes easy.
Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet Essential Series - This bassinet is great! David slept in it off and on for the first three months.
- We did not register for nursery furniture. The crib was a gift from my parents and we purchased the dresser ourselves. The rocker was also a hand-me-down.

Nursery Bedding & Essentials:
Fitted Crib Sheet Stars - We never purchased this. I bought an extra sheet off Target clearance. An extra sheet is a must though.
Sealy Stain Repel & Release Fitted Crib Mattress Pad - Everyone needs two of these for when baby has an accident in their crib. We bought a second one off of Amazon - this brand - and it is just as good.
TL Care 100% Cotton Percale Crib Dust Ruffle - This dust ruffle was very pretty but I did return it. I decided to do a gray ruffle that was less decorative. If I had a re-do, I wouldn't have put this on the registry.
Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper 100% Cotton Fitted Sheet - This is a must have if you have the Halo bassinest.
Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Waterproof Mattress Pad - Again this is a must have if you have the Halo bassinest.
Aden by Aden + Anais Fitted Crib Sheet (Dove Gray) - This is by far my favorite crib sheet. The sheet washes well and gets softer with every wash.
Ergobaby Sleep Lightweight Swaddler - After trying very swaddle on the market, we discovered David prefers to have his hands swaddled up so we bought and LOVED the Love to Dream Swaddle Up. The Ergobaby swaddler was really easy to use and is another item we will save for the next baby.
SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 2pk (Small, 0-3 months) - I was not a huge fan of this swaddle and neither was David. Each baby is so different so I would recommend trying to borrow from a friend to see what your baby likes before purchasing.
Ergobaby Original Swaddler - (see comments above)
Halo 100% Cotton Muslin Sleepsack - Now that David is not swaddled in the Love to Dream swaddle we use this every night.
Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine - Everyone needs this white noise machine! The sound is a classic white noise that helps keep out the noise from the rest of the house like the dogs barking or a siren outside.

Up and Up Milk Storage Bags - We use these and have repurchased them. No leaks.
Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow - We loved our Boppy when David was little to nurse or prop him up on. We put it away when David was about 4 months old.
Boppy Water Resistant Protective Cover - This is a must have if you are using a Boppy. You should also register for a regular Boppy cover.

Munchkin Snack Catchers - We did not receive this or purchase them. If I had a re-do, I wouldn't have put this on the registry.
Munchkin Deluxe Bottle Brush - This is a pretty standard bottle brush and works well.
Munchkin High Capacity Bottle Drying Rack - I used this a ton when I was pumping every day to help my milk supply, but have since put it away. I really enjoyed using it when I had pump parts to clean and dry every day.
Comotomo Silicone Bottle 5-Oz - These are the only bottles we use and we love them! We have 2 which is plenty for us because he only gets a bottle when I am out which is rare. We never tried any other bottle. If you aren't going back to work and are breastfeeding, I would say 2 bottles is plenty.
Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Drool Bibs - Besides the bibs my mom has sewn for us, these are hands down my favorite. They absorb the drool well and come in tons of fun prints like these and these.
Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Starter Kit - I purchased this before I decided to stay home from work. I bought the trial kit from their website and used it a few times. I would highly recommend this if you are going back to work and plan on pumping!
Copper Pearl Baby Burp Cloth - We love these burp cloths and they wash really well. We have about 10 burp cloths which is more then we need because our baby rarely spits up.
Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Burp Cloth - Another one of my favorites! I love how large the burp cloth is and it washes well.
Aden + Anais Burpy Bib - These have been great when David does get a bottle to catch the milk he drools.
Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair - This high chair is great if you want to save space. We have one at our house and one at my moms. Around four months we started putting David in this while we ate and he played with his toys on the tray. This would be super easy to transport too.
Tommee Tippee Easi Roll BibWe did not receive this or purchase them. If I had a re-do, I wouldn't have put this on the registry.

Plush Changing Pad CoverWe did not receive this or purchase them. I bought a second one on clearance.
Skip Hop Grab and Go Wet/Dry BagWe did not receive this or purchase them.
OXO Tot PerfectPull Wipes Dispenser We did not receive this or purchase them. We just use the wipes in the packaging they come in - less work.
Babyganics Face, Hand, & Baby Wipes - We love these wipes! I stocked up on four big boxes before baby was born and we just used the last pack. We have a few boxes of amazon wipes we will use next before repurchasing the Babyganics.
Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser & Bags - I keep these in my diaper bag and use them more for dirty clothes (so many blow outs!). You could also use plastic grocery bags but these are more compact.
Munchkin Arm & Hammer 72pk Diaper Bag Dispenser Refills - These will last us forever.
Munchkin 3pk Waterproof Changing Pad Liners - Every mom needs these. We ended up buying a second pack. We keep one in our diaper changing station in the living room and one on his changing pad.
Aden by Aden + Anais Changing Pad Cover (Dove) - We love everything Aden + Anais and this is no exception.
Ubbi Diaper Pail Bags - These are a must if you are using the Ubbi Diaper Pail, but you can also use a regular trash bag.
Munchkin Contour Foam Changing Pad - No complaints about this changing pad.
Ubbi Diaper Pail (Gray) - We love our Ubbi diaper pail. The stink stays in. You can use it with regular trash bags which we will probably do once we are out of the Ubbi bags.

Health & Safety:
Fridababy Nose Frida Hygeine Filters - We haven't had to use our Nose Frida very often but these are nice to have on hand.
Mommy's Bliss Gripe WaterWe did not receive this or purchase them.
Safety 1st Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming KitWe did not receive this or purchase them. I have not needed anything that came in the kit either.
Safety 1st Pre-crawler Ready Set We did not receive this or purchase them.
Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer - This is an easy to use thermometer and very accurate.
Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy - This is a nice set to get. The Nose Frida is wonderful and I really enjoyed the Mom Washer the first week postpartum. We have also used the Windi a few times and it works like a charm!
YI Dome Camera, 1080p HD Indoor Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless - We love this camera which we use as a baby monitor. Best idea ever! And this is significantly less expensive than traditional baby monitors.
Natursutten BPA-Free Natural Rubber Pacifier - These pacifiers are really nice but little man never took a pacifier despite our best attempts.
Skip Hop Compact 2-in-1 High Chair/Shopping Cart Cover - We have not started using this yet but it seems really nice.

Aden by Aden + Anais Washcloth Set - I love everything Aden + Anais! There are less expensive options that are great as well - like this one we have.
Aden by Aden + Anais Hooded Towel I love everything Aden + Anais! There are less expensive options that are great as well - like this one we have.
Blooming Bath - We ended up returning this because for the first few months I took David in the shower with me and he loved it!

Toys & Books:
Fisher-Price Coffee Cup Teether - This teether is super cute but really heavy. David has played with is a few times rolling around on the floor.
Munchkin Squirtin' Sea BuddiesWe did not receive this or purchase them.
Infantino Go GaGa Mirror Pal - David loves Mr. Turtle! We have it hooked to the stroller for him to play with while on a walk.
Munch Mitt - We have used the Munch Mitt a few times but David prefers Sophie the Giraffe.
Lamaze Mortimer the Moose - This is a really nice toy! We also use this one with the stroller.

Aden by Aden + Anais Car Seat CanopyWe did not receive this or purchase them.
Baby Boys' 3pc Hooded Fleece with Antlers Set - This outfit is adorable! I chose not to put clothing on my registry because I knew family and friends would have fun picking out outfits. You also do not need that many outfits for baby the first few months.
Wicker 3-Compartment Media Bin - We love this and use it on David's dresser to hold lotions, diaper creams, and diapers.
Starry Globe Nightlight - We put this on from time to time and David enjoys watching the stars on the wall.
myBaby Soundspa On-the-Go - This was super nice while traveling. We would put it on to use on the pack 'n play or hooked to the carseat.
Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover - This was great to use with the car seat while David napped.
Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock - We love the Binxy Baby! I use it all the time with the car seat when grocery shopping.

My Registry Tips:

  • Keep it simple. Don't get too caught up adding all the little things you might need.
  • Friends and family love to pick out outfits for your bundle of joy so don't worry about adding them to the registry. (Baby clothing guide coming soon!)
  • When you are ready to use your completion discount, add all the little things you might need so you can use your discount. If you register at Target, watch out for cartwheel deals and their baby stock up deals to save the most money possible.
  • Focus on the first six months of baby's life. If you receive too many gifts for the future, you might be overwhelmed with where to store them.
  • Most importantly, remember: showering is about celebrating the little love on the way not getting things.
What were your baby must haves? 

Have fun registering,

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