Baby Update - David is 6 Months Old

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How in the world is it possible that I have a six month old?! Time sure does fly when you are having fun. Today I am going to share a monthly update on David.

Age - 6 months

Weight & Height - 18 lbs 3.2 oz & 27.5 in (62nd percentile & 83rd percentile according to WHO)

Eating - David has started solids which is so much fun! We are loosely following baby led weaning which felt right to Micah and I. David is still breastfeeding about 8 times a day and has solids about once a day. So far, he has tried avocado, strawberry, mango, banana, greek yogurt, and berries. I would love to share more about our baby led weaning journey if anyone is interested.

Sleep - David has been pretty inconsistent with sleeping. He generally goes to bed between 7 pm and 8 pm. Sometimes he wakes up at 11 pm to feed and sometimes he doesn't wake up till 5 am for a feed. He does sleep till around 8 am every morning which is very nice. We are currently transitioning from 3 naps a day to 2 naps. I am not pushing the 3rd nap but some days he needs it. My parenting style has been very laid back and I just follow David's lead on sleep. I do have to brag a little bit - we have kept David out past bedtime and he is still an easy going little man. My advice to mamas - don't get stressed out by a schedule or bedtime. Enjoy a late evening out or miss a nap to spend some time at the park or lunch with friends.

Developments - Little man can sit up on his own for an extended period of time. He really only falls over if he reaches for a toy. He rolls and scoots all over the place. Micah and I call him a baby crocodile because he death rolls for every diaper change. We are still waiting on teeth to pop up but he is drooling and chewing on everything. David can get up on his hands and knees which means crawling is on the horizon and mama is not ready! He loves his bouncer and leaps like crazy. The dogs are his favorites and make him belly laugh.

My Experience - David is an absolute joy. He is so easy going, even when he misses a nap or we keep him up late. We are having lots of fun spending time outside, going to story time at our local library, and playing with friends. I am looking forward to our summer trips with David. We are going to the Eastern Shore and upstate New York for weddings as well as to visit his Auntie on Long Island. I am so excited to see how much David loves the water!

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