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Friday, June 15, 2018


First of all, if you don't follow Brianna Battles, go do it now! She is an amazing trainer that created a program for pregnancy and postpartum athleticism. She is also hilarious! She was instagram story-ing the other day regarding commenting on postpartum bodies. She emphasized the importance of shifting our focus from what we look like to what we feel like. Many times we comment on how someone looks after having a baby and we say things like "You look great." Instead we should be focusing on how a mom feels postpartum. As a new mom, the next time someone says I look great my response will be "thank you I feel really great" or if it has been a rough day: "thank you everything has been kind of a struggle lately." I am also going to make it a point to ask new moms how they are feeling because "the goal is not about what we look like after becoming a mother it is how we are transitioning, how we're doing, what is the full picture of everything that is going on in life right now, and who is on our team." Follow Brianna and make sure to check out her travel story highlight for a good laugh!


David had his first cold this week. I think it was harder on mama than baby. He was pretty congested for two days. Thank god for the Nose Frida, saline solution, and coffee! As you can see, the cold didn't get little man down even a little.


My family had the pleasure of volunteering with Special Olympics Maryland this year. My parents coached the bocce team and Micah was a unified partner. We had so much fun getting to know the athletes and cheering them on at the Maryland Summer games!


I bought this Lane Satchel from Fossil over a month ago and have been using it as my every day diaper bag. I LOVE IT! I searched for months to find the perfect diaper bag. I found that most "diaper bags" were way too big. This has a middle zipper compartment to hold a few diapers, changing pad, and wipes. I can fit an extra outfit, bibs, and toy on one side and my things on the other. I also love that I can throw it on crossbody too.

We had such a fun week with friends and family. We went to a local winery for a fun night with the #badmomsclub. Tonight I am getting together with my girl cousins to talk all things babies. Micah and I are really enjoying being home for the summer and all the memories we are making with little man!

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