Friday's Five

Friday, June 8, 2018

Hanna Andersson sleepers are my new favorite thing. First of all, this hot dog print is ADORABLE. They are also super soft and made really well. I've already stocked up for the next size. 

New patio furniture. We have been working on improving our deck so we can really spend some time out there. For our birthdays, my parents bought us this adorable chat set from Target. As you can see, David really loves it. We are going today to pick up new chairs for our table and an outdoor rug for little man to play on. Deck warming party coming soon!

Little man turned six months this week and we are slowly starting baby led weaning (his update is coming soon). We are loving watching him try new flavors and textures. He really loved mango!

Micah and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at Pairings Bistro to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary. My favorite part of the meal was this Golden Beet salad that I am looking forward to trying to recreate this week - stay tuned.

I am proud to say I have lost 15 lbs. since starting Weight Watchers. Nothing feels better than being in pre-pregnancy jeans and getting to buy smaller clothes. 

Enjoy the weekend!
- Emily

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