Postpartum Mommy Favorites

Monday, June 11, 2018

Being a new mom is exciting, scary, and exhausting all at once. There are some items that made my life so much easier those first few weeks. Although nothing can replace the support from my husband, our families and our friends. If you know a new mom, take her dinner or better yet - give her a gift card for a local delivery restaurant. As a new mom, I also appreciated anyone that would listen to me vent about my lack of sleep - you friends are the real MVPs.

Here are some things that helped me keep my sanity:
  • Personal care was lacking in the first few weeks. I kept myself together with face wipes and dry shampoo. My favorite face wipes are the Simple Micellar Water Wipes. They don't irritate my face and don't break the bank. My favorite dry shampoo is the Wella Dry Me Dry Shampoo. I am pretty sure I have gone through 10 bottles of this dry shampoo already! 
  • The hospital provided everything I needed to heal my lady bits once we got home from the hospital. The only things I used that the hospital did not provide was the Earth Mama Spray, and Ladies Depends. Yes, I know what you are thinking but Depends are so much easier then huge pads and huge underwear.
  • Now that you are clean and your lady parts are have to get dressed. Blanqi Postpartum Leggings are the best money I have ever spent. They hold in your belly and are really high waisted which is perfect when nursing. I would also recommend a comfy pair of high waisted jeans. I paired the leggings with my favorite nursing bras - these and this one, and threw on t-shirts or tank tops. This was what I lived in for the first few months. I still have not found nursing tanks that I love so I rarely wear them. I also loved my Barefoot Dreams cardigan - definitely a splurge but I wear it almost every day so worth every penny.
  • Netflix series! I had a solid line up of shows to watch once the baby came. Some of my favorites have been Queer Eye, The Santa Clarita Diet, and Gracie and Frankie.
  • Now that you are healing, dressed, and picked out something to binge watch - pick the comfiest seat on your couch. Grab a Yeti. Have your husband/mom/friend grab you a snack and snuggle that precious baby.

Enjoy the sweet moments with your newborn, everything else can wait or your spouse/partner/mom/mother-in-law/friend can do it!

Good luck,

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